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List Pages Shortcodes

WP Js List Pages Shortcodes

Support for [tree-pages], [list-pages] and [child-pages] shortcodes in your posts or pages to display all child and/or parent pages.

The shortcodes accept all parameters available for wp_list_pages() function.



List of all pages with the same parents: [tree-pages]
List of all pages: [list-pages]
List of all pages sorted by title: [list-pages sort_column=“post_title“]
List of pages but exclude some page by ID: [list-pages exclude=“64,128,233″]
List of child pages exclude one page by ID: [child-pages exclude=64]

== Installation ==

1. Download and unzip the last version of this plugin.
2. Upload the wp-js-list-pages-shortcodes folder to ./wp-content/plugins/
3. Go to WP Admin panel > Plugins > activate „WP Js List Pages Shortcodes“

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

== Screenshots ==

== Changelog ==

= 1.0 =
* first release
= 1.1 =
* fixed a bug with „sort_order“.
= 1.2 =
* added number and offset support.

= 1.21 =

* fixed a bug with „include“ parameter.

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35 Kommentare

  1. Jörg Schüler sagt:

    What do you mean with Event-Pages exactly? Please give me more informations or a link to you block. Perhaps i can help you.

  2. laptop hobo sagt:

    Great plug-in. What I’d like to do is on the Home page, create a list of all the Event pages only. „[list-pages]“ is not the right tag for me since it relates the only pages associated with where the plugin-is. Since the plugin will be on Home, and the pages I want are from Events, I’ll need another tag.

    Thank you!

  3. Robert sagt:

    Hi !

    Very Nice Plugin !

    I made an little Change !

    Because i used “ “ to shape the menus if i had an longet title it don’t look well in the output of [child-pages]

    So i changed

    $out = wp_list_pages($atts);
    $out = str_replace(“ „,““,wp_list_pages($atts));

    now it looks fine again.

    If you like you may build it in into your Plugin.
    If not …. I may build my own Plugin ……

    best regards

  4. Jörg Schüler sagt:

    try the [tree-pages] shortcut.

  5. Katrina sagt:


    I’m using [child-pages] and while it shows the child pages of that page, it doesn’t show their child pages.
    Should it be able to show pages down a level also?

    The line – Bumble Bee Baby & Children’s markets has child pages I’d like to display on this page.


  6. Sat Anlage sagt:

    Danke sehr an den Autor.

    Gruss Nanna

  7. Jörg Schüler sagt:

    @Cliff: No, there is no possibility.

  8. Cliff sagt:

    Can you specify only 1-level down or only 2-levels down?

  9. m.nakamura sagt:

    Hello and thank you for your very useful plugin.

    I am trying to accomplish displayin parent-page in which
    title of child-pages and content of child pages and some data from custom field of child-pages.seting of this pugin may display only title
    of child page.

    Please let me know how to add some code in plugin or setting items of the
    plugin to acomplish abov subject.

    best regards,

  10. MC sagt:

    Thank you for the quick reply!

  11. Jörg Schüler sagt:

    Sorry, this plugin only display pages and no post. For pages no category function is available. wp_list_pages()

  12. MC sagt:

    Hi there!

    Is there a way to use this to display all posts from a certain category? Thank you.

  13. Jörg Schüler sagt:

    Sorry, it need a long time but i’m in holidays.
    I found the problem and it will be fixed with the new version of plugin.

  14. The „include pages“ function from wp_list_pages() isn’t working with this plugin. I’m trying to include only certain pages for a featured articles list, but despite using this [list-pages include="740,1953" sort_column="post_date" sort_order="DESC" show_date="F j, Y" date_format="F j, Y"] all the pages are being listed in a hierarchical list.

  15. Thank you, Jorg. The „number“ function allows me to create a limited list of current articles.

    I’m using shortcodes to to make a list of current articles and a list of all articles. Your plugin allows me to do this, but it seems the limits of the wp_list_pages() functions makes the process more cumbersome than need be.

    My page structure is as follows Articles Archive > Author > Article. The Author pages are the children of the Articles Archive page, and the Article pages are the children of their respective Author page and the grandchildren of the Articles Archive page.

    What I’m having to do now to display the articles but not the author pages is to exclude each author page individually in the shortcode with its page id number. When I create a new author page, I have to add its page id number to the exclude list for both shortcodes in order to prevent it from displaying in the lists of articles. What I’d like to be able to do is display in a flat list only the grandchildren (the articles) of the Articles Archive page with one simple shortcode that doesn’t need constantly updated include or exclude lists. The „depth“ and „child_of“ functions don’t let me do this; they display display the children of the Articles Archive page (the author pages) too.

    I love your plugin. It basically does what I need right now. But like I said above, the process could be made a lot simpler. I can’t just set it and forget it. But I’d like to be able to do so. So I’d like to make this a feature request.

  16. Jörg Schüler sagt:

    you can use
    „depth “ for control how many levels in the hierarchy of pages are to be included.
    or with WP 2.8 new params like:
    „number“ sets the number of Pages to display.

  17. Doc sagt:

    Wonderful Plugin!

    I’d also love it if, for example, I could do something like
    [child-pages limit_depth=2]

    Just because at times I don’t want to show everything recursively past a certain depth.

    Awesome work! Thanks!

  18. Jörg Schüler sagt:

    New version available.
    @Jason: excerpts not available at the moment. Sorry, but this needs a complete programming and handling of all page informations because not supported by original function.
    @Geoffrey Allan Plauche: number and offset works now.

  19. Thanks.

    I thought numbers would work. It’s listed on the page you linked to as a parameter, towards the end, before the examples:

    (integer) Sets the number of Pages to display. This causes the SQL LIMIT value to be defined. Default to no LIMIT. (This parameter was added with Version 2.8)

  20. Jörg Schüler sagt:

    @Geoffrey Allan Plauche: only the parameters of wp_list_pages() function are available. (numbers is no valid parameter)


    But… i can check it next time and perhaps some special parametes can be included in the next version.

  21. Thanks for creating this plugin. This will come in very handy for creating automatically updated lists of articles on a website I admin.

    Is it possible to list pages only from a certain time period? I’d like to be able to list pages published in certain months or years, so that I can create separate lists for these time periods.

  22. I figured out how to display publication date.

    Another question: is it possible to display the author of the page between the link and the publication date?

    Possible bug: I tried using „number=1“ to test the function for limiting the number of pages displayed and it didn’t work (in the test case, two pages (of 2) were displayed). Is there a minimum number above one for this function? Or is this a bug? Or is this a bug? In the future, when our site has more articles, I’d like to create a list of 3-5 current (most recent) articles.

  23. Jörg Schüler sagt:

    Descriptions from the excerpts are not supported at the moment.
    I will check the posibility it next days.

  24. lola sagt:

    Same question as Jason. How can you add descriptions from the excerpts. Can’t find the right shortcode. Can you help me please ?

  25. Jason sagt:

    Thanks for the plugin! I’d like to know if it can or could be modified to display the excerpt information for each of the pages listed. Having the bulleted list is great, however adding descriptions from the excerpts would also be very nice.


  26. […] original here: Schülers Blog » List Pages Shortcodes Tags: plugins, […]

  27. Ben sagt:

    Very good job !

  28. Jörg sagt:

    The classes „tree-pages“, „child-pages“, „list-pages“ are available/included for elements if defined in your css files.

  29. Erik Schmith sagt:

    Can you use a class argument so that CSS styles may be applied?

  30. Yanik sagt:

    Jörg! You fixed it! thanks so much it works perfectly now!

    Merry Christmas, you just made my day!

  31. Jörg sagt:

    I check it with the same results and it’s a bug, sorry.
    Will be fixed with next version.

  32. Yanik sagt:

    Actually whether I try
    [child-pages sort_column=post_date sort_order=desc] or
    [child-pages sort_column=post_date sort_order=asc]
    I get the same result. I am trying to get the last child entered in WordPress to be at the top of the list.

    Do you know of another shortcode that would accomplish that?

    Thanks again for your help.

  33. Yanik sagt:

    Thank you so much for this answer!

  34. Jörg sagt:

    [child-pages sort_column=post_date sort_order=asc] is the right syntax,
    but sort_order=asc is the default value so you don’t need it.

  35. Yanik sagt:

    Hello and thank you for your very useful plugin.

    I am trying to accomplish something like the following:
    [child-pages sort_column="post_date&sort_order=asc"]
    Is it possible? If so what is the right syntax?


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